New back tire and oil change

Got a new back tire! Finally found a Michelin Anakee Adventure! I liked the old Anakee 2 so I hope this one is as good as well!

The old tire was put on in El Salvador and made 27’000km! It was a Heidenau Scout 60. I didn’t like it because it’s so hard (and thus slippery) and vibrating the whole bike.

And she got an oil change and new filters (finally using the filters I bought in Australia).


Málaga, Espana

I stayed for two weeks in the beautiful Málaga and did some Spanish classes!


Tom Lüthi!

Ich habe die Rennstrecke in Almeria besucht und da war doch tatsächlich eine BMW mit der #12!

Ich konnte mit Tom Lüthi den ganzen Tag plaudern! Er hatte Zeit, denn nach einem Crash war der Töff für diesen Tag nicht mehr fahrbar 🙁

Western Town Almeria

A lot of Western movies have been filmed near Almeria.

Camping in Spain

The Swiss know how to drink!


The city of Fes is famous for leather processing and coloring.

an AfricaTwin on the loose