ATW Week 32 – Sumatra, Indonesia

In Week 32 I shipped my bike from Penang, Malaysia to Sumatra, Indonesia and took a plane myself a few days later.
But I pretty much forgot to film anything interesting in this week, so it’s a very short movie 🙁

In Woche 32 habe ich mein Motorrad von Penang, Malaysia nach Sumatra, Indonesien verschifft und bin ein paar Tage später nachgeflogen.
Aber ich habe in dieser Woche so ziemlich vergessen zu filmen, daher ist dieses Video sehr kurz geraten 🙁

most asked questions

I get so many questions from the local people when I’m stopping somewhere on my bike.
Most of the time it’s at petrol stations, accommodations or at mini markets.

These are the most questions I get, ordered by frequency:

  1. where are you from?
  2. how old are you? (yes, in Asia this is mostly the second question!)
  3. where are you going?
  4. photo/selfie?
  5. are you traveling alone?
  6. what’s your name?

and in Indonesia, I get these two new questions almost daily:

  • are you single?
  • do you want to marry my sister?

Crossing the Equator!

Yesterday I crossed the Equator on Sumatra in Indonesia!
it didn’t hurt at all! 🙂
There’s a stone, a monument and a line on the ground. But the GPS showed the actual Equator 150m south of all this…

So now I’m in the southern hemisphere, summer is comming!

I’m on Sumatra in Indonesia!

On Monday I’ve got my motorbike out of customs at the harbour in Belawan. I’ll write another post about the transport from Malaysia to Indonesia soon.

I’m heading south now, hopefully crossing the equator tomorrow!

Internet access is very slow here, so I probably won’t be able to upload any videos or photos in the near future 🙁