It’s the third time I’m at the Uluru (Ayers Rock) and have never been up there!

So this time I climbed it!

Ich bin jetzt schon das dritte mal beim Uluru (Ayers Rock) und war noch nie oben!

Deshalb hab ich ihn diesmal bestiegen!

40’000km on the road, 60’000km bike’s total!

Since leaving Switzerland, I’ve been riding 40’000km on my Honda Africa Twin CRF1000!
I hit the mark somewhere in Australia’s Outback, short of Top Springs.
One day later, my bike hit a total of 60’000km! And she is still going strong, no issues with the motor! But I fixed the front forks (fixed in Thailand, oil was leaking) and the wheel and steering bearings (fixed in Australia. not broken, but heavily weared out).
A complete service list of my bike is here.

Kakadu Nationalpark

I‘ve been visiting the Kakadu Nationalpark over the weekend. Unfortunately a lot of it is closed because of floodings as it‘s still wet season.