I am in the USA!

The border crossing took about 20min on the Mexican and 40min on the American side.

The USA officer did not know how to enter my Swiss numberplate into the computer…

then they did an error while typing in my data and I had to give my fingerprints a second time. I filled out the customs form (6 USD!) and they secretly opened my luggage while I was inside the building (just the backpacks, not the hard luggage). I have a special way to close the zippers so I detect when someone opened them!

They didn’t give me a TIP (Temporary Import Paper) for the bike so I drove to San Diego‘s customs office. But they told me there I only need one when shipping the bike…

so why did I do the EPA exemption??

Baja California

it’s hot in Baja California! almost too hot for camping. But there are basically no hostels and hotels are too expensive. So camping it is…


Quesadilla de Domi

And that’s how I make Quesadillas while camping  in the desert of Baja California 😁