bike service history

here I’ll try to document my Africa Twin’s services and repairs.

kmdatewhatcosts (CHF)comments
08. Sep 2015pre order1000pre order on
127. Jan 2016new bike!15000official handover.
unboxing was on 24. Dec 2015
10585. Mar 2016first service360official 1000km service
15349. Apr 2016Tripmaster added0I've got #006 of Switzerland!
1225129. Jul 2016second service440official 12000km service
1225129. Jul 2016new tires260Continental TKC70 (16'183km)
1737104. Nov 2016replaced heated grips controller0free (Honda warranty)
1954001. Mar 2017third service
Oxford heated grips
official 24000 service
2843405. May 2017new tires300TKC80 (back), Capras (front)
3290330. May 2017new tires300Shinko E700 (front and back, 13kkm)
4215019. Jun 2017front fork/suspension leaking25'revision' in Luang Prabang, Laos
4609829. Aug 2017service/oil change/fixed parking brake/air filter cleaned120Pattaya, Thailand. 4140thb
4610129. Aug 2017chain & sprockets170Pattaya, Thailand. 6000thb
4628702. Sep 2017new tires217Bangkok, Thailand. 7500thb
Mitas E-07 (front 11'881km, back 18'072km)
4775216. Sep 2017front fork/suspension seals & new oil100at StreetBiker Phuket, Thailand. 2500thb
+ Honda seals 1000thb
5167026. Oct 2017left fan replaced650Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
sent from Switzerland!
5256514. Nov 2017rear brake pads22Sumatra, Indonesia
770 thb
5816802. Mar 2018full Honda service
oil & filters
front tyre
bearings (wheel & steering)
parking brake pads
4 spark plugs
1886Darwin, Australia
160aud (TKC 70)
6440006. Apr 2018new rear tyre and front brake pads380Esperance, Autralia
Heidenau K60
6581318. Apr 2018chain142Nullarbor, Australia
191 AUD
6673320. Apr 2018sprockets
rear break pads
225Adelaide, Australia
80 AUD
70 AUD
labor 125 AUD
7708016. Jun 2018minor service: Oil & filter changes230Cairns, Australia
316 AUD
804147. Jul 2018new tyres (front & back)
new chain guard
440Cairns, Australia
500 aud (back 16kkm, front 22kkm)
100 aud
8564631. Jun 2018front fork/suspension seals & new oil270365 AUD
near Sydney, Australia
8607527. Aug 2018DCT issue210Santiago, Chile
140‘000 CLP
8969623. Oct 2018broken back tyre, new Pirelli Scorpion Trail350El Chaltén, Argentina
9120030. Oct 2018front forks (again!)200Ushuaia
9532015. Nov 2018Honda Service235Oil & filters change, bike cleaned!
8400 ARS
Cordoba Argentina
9532015. Nov 2018Front tyre210TKC 70 (18kkm)
Cordoba Argentina
9730026. Nov 2018Back tyre
Back brake pads
170Tyre bought in Cordoba (16kkm)
Break pads bought in Thailand
10825023. Feb 2019Big service1300Medellin, Colombia
11315407. Jun 2019New back tyre230Heidenau K60 Scout (27kkm)
San Salvador, El Salvador
11333011. Jun 2019New front tyre130Heidenau K60 Scout, Guatemala City (22kkm)
1205259. Aug 2019Oil & filter change110Los Angeles
1310522. Oct 2019Oil & filter change130Cape Canaveral
13516625. Oct 2019New front tyre11080$ TKC80 & 30$ mounting.
They ordered the wrong tyre, I wanted a TKC70
13752021. Dec 2019Back wheel bearings850mad labor, 25mad seal, spare bearings Australia
14090018. Jan 2020Oil Change
Back tyre
320130€ Michelin Anakee Adventure
1430006. Mar 2020Givi Panniers780750€
1430507. Mar 2020DCT e-motor240220€
used e-motor (25kkm)


I had the following issues with my Africa twin on this journey:

  • Front fork: leaked and fixed 6 times!
  • DCT issues after 80000km! I could not shift down anymore when the motor got hot (stop & go traffic in cities). Fixed in Santiago de Chile by refurbishing the electric motor of the DCT.
    same issue again at 140000km. this time I replaced the electric motor.
  • one of the electric fan motors burnt down in Malaysia
  • a chain snapped in Australia
  • two flat tyres (the front in China, the back in Argentinia)

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