Motorcycle addons

some usefull stuff I added to my CRF1000 Africa Twin.

  • GIVI crashbars (lower TN1151, upper TNH1144)
    probably the best crashbars for now.
  • GIVI sidestand foot (ES1144)
    already lost in Bosnia… now got one from Touratech
  • GIVI side case racks MONOKEY (PL1144CAM)
    great locking system for adding and removing the panniers without tools, but secured with keys.
  • GIVI side cases Trekker Outback (left 48L OBK48AL, right 37L OBK37AR)
    the 48 litre box is really big!
  • elastic nets for Trekker Outback cases (E144)
    a must have to use the space in the lids.
  • 3x cherry can holders (E148)
    two for fuel cherry cans, one for oil and other stuff.
  • 2x cherry cans 2.5l (TAN01)
  • GIVI top case rack (SR1144 & aluminium plate M8A)
    you don’t really need SR1144, just drill holes into the original Honda rack.
  • GIVI top case Trekker Outback 42L (OBK42A)
    same key as the side cases
  • GIVI small tank bag (EA106B)
    I don’t like big tank bags. this one is usefull for little things like sunglasses and holding the phone/camera/etc while charging.
  • 2x Tool Tube
    one in the back left with tools, one on the front right with some spare parts.
  • Touratech handlebar riser (01-402-5255-0)
  • Touratech head light protector (01-402-5095-0)
    I used to have the makrolon version, but it got dull in a sand storm…
  • Unifilter Air Filter (01-402-0870-0)
    the Australians know how to make solid air filters.
  • Hepco & Becker hand guards (4212994 00 01)
    I like the look of the original Honda hand guards, so I went for these instead of Acerbis.
  • Oxford heated grips (50230000283)
    the original Honda heated grips are so bad, even with the replacement control unit. go for the Oxfords!
  • sheep fur (from IKEA)
    for my sensible ass…
  • Airhawk air cussion (added later in the trip)

these are some spare parts I took with me on the great journey:

  • front and back tubes πŸ‘
  • brake lever
  • throttle cable
  • oil filter πŸ‘
  • fuel filter
  • brake pads (front only) πŸ‘
  • wheel bearings πŸ‘
  • fuses
  • front fork seals πŸ‘ (replaced about 5 times)

the parts marked with an πŸ‘ are the ones I needed on the trip and was glad I had them with me!

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