New shoes for my baby

My AfricaTwin needed some new tyres. But they are hard to find in Centro America. Fortunately I got a contact in Guatemala City. He’s name is Cisco and he rides a BMW 800GS. After some calls he found a rear Heidenau K60 Scout in San Salvador and he still had a front Heidenau for his own bike but sold it to me 🙂

So I put on the back one in El Salvador and the front in Guatemala.

I don’t really like those Heidenau Scouts, they vibrate a lot and the front wiggles pretty hard some times. But they do a lot of kilometers, should easily go for 20000km!

Unfortunately my front forks started to leak again! It’s already the 5th time! But fortunately Honda had them on stock! So a quick visit in Guatemala City to replace he seals and I also got some spares for the next time!


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