Border crossing Laos – Cambodia

On the Laos side we parked the bikes and went to the first booth. We filled out the departure card and handed it over. They stamped our passports, wanted a 2$ (fake) exit fee and pointed us to the other side to the customs.
There you need to give your green temporary import paper of your vehicle. Which we didn’t have… after arguing for about 15min they let us go.

On the Cambodian border we needed to fill out a health survey and they checked our temperature for fever. And we needed to pay the usual fake 2$ entry fee.
We then needed to go into the building on the left to the second office (labeled with customs). But nobody was in there, so we waited. After a while somebody called the guy and he came aber 10min later. We handed over our carnets and he began to fill them out. A another guy came into the office and helped us translate and fill out the visa application forms. He looked official, but in the end it turned out that he’s just a tour guide who brought some tourists over the border and had too much time left…
The customs officer who stamped our carnets wanted 20$ per bike ‘for his service’. He also said that this is not official and we don’t ‘have to’. As I didn’t have my passport back yet and wanted to get it done fast, I paid 10$…
After about 10min the passport with the Visa came and we were free to enter Cambodia!


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