Border crossing Thailand – Malaysia (Betong)

The Thai officer waved me through the first booth. But this is the customs and I needed to go back there to get the stamp on my Carnet des Passages! They didn’t know how to do it and I had to explain where the stamps go and that they have to keep the lower part. Fortunately there was one officer who spoke a little bit of English.

There are some other boothes on the left side of the second big building, but nobody is in there! So park before or after them and go inside to find the immigration counter. There was no queue at all, so this was pretty quick.

There are a lot of Malaysian motorcyclists crossing this border. It seems they only need to show their ID and don’t have to do any paperwork or stamps at all. They just stop for a moment and drive on (in both directions).

On the Malaysian border they are also not used to stamp passports or Carnets! (as mentioned before, they just drive through).
A lady officer took my Carnet and walked from office to office to find anyone which knows how to do it. She even checked my chassis and motor number! (first time since China). I waited about half an hour (while chatting with a security guard with a rifle) and she gave my passport and the carnet back.

The immigration office is in the big building on the right side. The officer had a problem with the computer and I needed to wait about 10 minutes. After that he waved me in and gave me the stamp for 90 days (yeah!), no visa needed. But they took my fingerprints…


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