Border crossing USA-Canada

I crossed the border from the USA to Canada in Buffalo, New York. That is pretty close to the Niagara Falls.

On the American side there is absolutely no immigration booth or office! There’s just customs, but I had nothing to do there, as they did not give me a TIP (Temporary Import Paper)  for the motorcycle.

The Canadian side was friendly, asked the usual questions and stamped my passport. No TIP for the bike neither…

So now I was in Canada, bit still had the green USA I-94W card of the USA in my passport! Technically I haven’t left the USA and my visa is expiring in two days! If you overstay the visa it will be very hard to get back anytime in the future!
I went to the consulate in Toronto, but they just gave me an email address. From which I got the following information:

You have to send back the green I-94w form by UPS, including a letter and prove that you left the USA! This letter costs 50$ with UPS and the government will not give feedback or let you know if they updated their records!



Here’s the official procedure to send back the green card:

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