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Almost home (Update)

I left Portugal yesterday and am now close to the border to France.
The paperwork for Spain was good, they let me drive through.
I hope it goes as easy at the French border. Two papers are needed there (this and this).

I didn’t came across any police checkpoints in Spain at all. I was mainly riding the highways (autopistas and autovias).
All hotels I saw by the road were closed. But I successfully booked small ones in the countryside. I‘m not sure if they were legally open or if they have a special permission…

In France I got checked for the paper at the border and again on the highway at about 70km south of Bordeaux. You have to print it before getting to France, they don’t seem to have the form available at the border! The hotels seem to be open in France, but small B&Bs and AirBNBs are either closed or are only allowed to host essential workers. I tried to book three different apartments and got canceled every time.