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Cervelat & Fondue

I enjoyed some Swiss food! 😋

Friends brought me some cheese fondue and cervelats!
and that’s how you grill a sausage on the road!

El Toro de Osborne

You know you are in Spain when you see the toro!
Interesting story: it’s basically an advertisement for an alcoholic drink (Brandy). But since 1994 is forbidden to advertise alcohol on roadside billboards so the iconic Toros must be removed. But because of their popularity they could stay and went to public domain.


Friends came to Madrid and we spent some nice days together!

Theft and break-in attempt

Somebody stole my cherry can last night and tried to break into my side pannier! Fortunately the lock held up and still works!
This happened in Ciudad Real in Spain. It’s the second time my cherry cans got stolen, first time was in Canada!
Latin America is safer…

Jemand hat gestern Nacht meinen Ersatzkanister geklaut und versucht, den Seitenkoffer aufzubrechen! Zum Glück hat das Schloss gehalten und es funktioniert noch!
Das war in Ciudad Real in Spanien und ist das zweite mal, dass mir die Kanister geklaut wurden! Das erste mal war in Kanada! Latin Amerika ist sicherer…




Some impressions of Sevilla