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Here are some statistics of the trip.
I still have to calculate the costs, I don’t know that yet.
what else would you like to see on the stats? any suggestions?

  • duration: 3 years and 8 days
  • 45 countries
  • 56 border crossings
  • 6 continents (Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, North America, Africa)
  • 126’105.7km riding motorcycle
  • 4900km driving a car
  • 18000 photos
  • 4 pairs of motorcycle gloves
  • 2 pairs of motorcycle boots
  • 9 pairs of underwear

Motorcycle related statistics:

  • 5995L of fuel
  • 6164 $/CHF of fuel
  • average of 5L/100km
  • 145’911km total on the bike now
  • 523 refills, cherry cans only used 4 times
  • cheapest fuel: Kazakhstan 0.45Rp/L
  • most expensive fuel: Australia (outback) 2.21Rp/L
  • 3x shipping the motorcycle (Malaysia-Indonesia, East-Timor-Australia, Colombia-Panama)
  • 2x flying the motorcycle (Australia-Chile, Canada-Morocco)
  • 7 front & 8 back tyres
  • 2x chain & sprockets replacements
  • 7x oil change (no oil added between the changes!)
my ATW trip map. click to open in Google Maps
126105.7km on the trip counter (started at 0 again after 100000)
145911km total on my AfricaTwin

I am back home!

From Portugal back to Switzerland in 5 days. The highways were boring, my back and ass hurt, but I finally made the last 2300km back home! That’s not quite how I wanted to ride back, but because of Covid-19 there wasn’t much of a choice.

Thanks to everybody who supported and followed me the last three years on this incredible journey!

I’m off! ATW on my Africa Twin!

these are my last days at home.
on Monday I’m leaving to my biggest journey (and adventure) yet:
around the world on my Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin!

my back issues are not completely gone yet. but I’m doing exercises and training since two months and will continue so on the trip. this won’t stop me from leaving 😀

the first part will be from Switzerland to Australia. you can find my planned route here.

I will updating this blog as often as I can. expect some great photos and videos in the following months!

I’ll see you on the road!


packed and ready to go!