Chinese security

There’s security everywhere here in China. At least here in the Xinjiang Chinese petrol station province, we’ll have to see if the other provinces are the same.

Every shop has a security guard and most do have metal detectors and sometimes even scanners like on the airports. It seems to be by law, because even the smallest mini shops do have at least a helmet, shield and baton ready nearby. But they don’t seem to be trained how to use all this: the detectors beep all the time but nobody gets really checked afterwards.

The most annoying thing are the petrol stations! They are protected by a fence with barbed wire and there’s a barrier with security guards at the entrance. The Chinese can open the gate with their ID card (seems to be an RFID chip). But our temporary IDs don’t have the chip and look different. So we always have to convince the guards that we are indeed allowed to get petrol. Sometimes the bikes are not allowed on the station’s area at all! We then have to fill the petrol into big tea pots of about 6 liters and carry them to the bikes!!

In China gbt’s überall Sicherheitsbeamte. Jedenfalls hier in der Xinjiang Provinz. Mal schauen, wie’s woanders dann sein wird.

Jeder Supermarkt, Restaurant und Hotel haben Sicherheitsleute und meistens auch Metalldetektoren. Manchmal sogar Scanner wie am Flughafen! Aber sie wissen nicht, wie man die Dinger bedient! Es piepst andauernd, aber niemanden interessiert’s es wird nicht kontrolliert. Die Taschen muss man wie am Flughafen auf’s Band legen, aber niemand schaut auf den Monitor… und in jedem noch so kleinen Laden haben sie einen Helm, Schild und Schlagstock! Scheint per Gesetz vorgeschrieben zu sein.

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