Cleaning my bike for shipping to Darwin

I‘m in Dili for a weak now, been visiting multiple shipping agencies to get quotes for shipping my bike to Darwin in Australia.

unfortunaltely, I did not find any other bikers to share a container, so I have to pay the full prize 🙁  I may do another post with all the costs of the shipping when I arrive in Australia.

To get the bike into australia, it has to be VERY clean! Fortunately I could clean my bike at the local Ford dealership „Entreposto“! I cleaned it for about three days, took apart half of the bike. Antonio and ‚his boys‘ helped me out with tools and the pressure washer!

Thank you so much Antonio and your team!!

If everything goes like planned, the ship will leave on Friday or Saturday and arrives two days later in Darwin. There it will be a big bureaucracy to get it out of customs and inspected…


2 thoughts on “Cleaning my bike for shipping to Darwin”

  1. Very interested in shipping costs and other details to ship bike (BMW R1200GS) from Dili to Darwin. Planning on heading that way from Kuala Lumpur in March/April 2018 (hopefully after the rainy season that you experienced!)

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