DCT issue

The DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) on my Honda started to have an issue. The last few days the gear switching was not smooth and fast anymore and sometimes there was a clicking noise.
I had an issue with it at around 80’000km in Australia and fixed it in Chile, but then I couldn’t switch down anymore when riding in traffic and the motor got warm.

So I thought this was a different issue. I resetted the DCT and it felt better. But soon after the 4th gear got stuck! So it indeed was the same issue: the electric motor for switching the gears was worn out again! Back in Chile they cleaned and refurbished the e-motor, but now at 145’000km it was time for a replacement. I got a used one with about 25’000km on the clock for 200€ (new one would be twice as much).
Everything is smooth again now 🙂

New side panniers

I bought some new Givi side panniers!
the old ones were bent, broken, water leaked inside and not secure anymore.

it felt like moving to another home 🙂

Thanks RODaventura for organizing the new boxes so quickly.



Nazaré is famous for surfing and its big waves

Porto, Portugal


I‘m in Portugal!