Monsun on Java, Indonesia

the last three days it rained heavily and thoroughly. as a result, there are a lot of floodings and land slides. I had to do a lot of water crossings and detours to find my way through the south to the east of Java!

die letzten drei Tage hat es stark und ununterbrochen geregnet! viel ist überflutet und es gab viele Erdrutsche. ich musste ein paarmal umkehren und andere Routen suchen, um vom Süden weiter in den Osten zu kommen.

Google Street View Photos

I’m uploading some 360° photos also to Google Streetview and connect them so you can ‘walk’ through the attractions and landscapes.
here are some links to those Streetviews I created:

famous Old Bridge in Mostar, Bosnia

Troja, Turkey

Göreme, Turkey

Cave Hotel Saksagan, Göreme, Turkey

Zagnos Valley Park in Trabzon, Turkey

Peace Monument in the mountains of Georgia

The Motherland Calls in Volgograd, Russia

at the shore of the Aral Sea, Kazakhstan

Soyuz Rocket in Baikonur, Kazakhstan

Shuttle Buran in Baikonur, Kazakhstan

Мемориал “Коркыт-ата” Korkyt, Kazakhstan

archeological town Savran, Kazakhstan

Lake Song-Kul, Kyrgyzstan

Mostar, Bosnia

Short detour to Mostar in Bosnia to visit the famous old bridge.

Kurzer Umweg über Mostar zur berühmten alten Brücke!