I’m in Laos!

sorry for the lack of updates!
it was hard to get some decent Internet access in China (all Google services are blocked and VPN didn’t work so well either). And we had long driving days, so I wasn’t too excited in the evenings to update…

I’ve got a ton of pictures and videos, but I need to create new movies first! I hope to get back into the old release cycle soon…

I’m really glad to have reached Laos and got out of China! No more dangerous roads and traffic here and much nicer people!

so here some impressions of Laos!
stay tuned for more 🙂


Border crossing China – Laos (Boten)

The Guide will help you getting out of China with your vehicle.
We parked on the separate parking space on the left and went into the big building on the right by foot. We needed to fill out some additional papers, which they missed to give to us when entering China (the small pink paper and it’s yellow copy. there’s also a green copy of it, which they keep at the entering border to China).
After stamping the passport we could get our vehicles and cross the border, where they wanted the small papers and checked the passports again.
They didn’t check our vehicle or motor numbers to get out.

On the Laos side you have to go to the building on the left side first.
They want a 2$ ‘tourist’ fee (I guess that’s fake). Then find the table with the papers for your Visa application and arrival form. Ask at the counter if there are none left.
As a Swiss citizen I would not need a Visa for up to 15 days, but I wanted 30 days, which was 35$. The Visa price depends on your nationality, some paid only 32$.
They didn’t want a photo, although it was required on the application form.
If you don’t have an international driving license, you need to get a temporary drivers license for 4$.
Don’t go to the passport control, but instead outside to the booth and get your stamp there, showing your vehicle papers (no carnet needed). Then you can get your bike and drive through the border.

BUT your are not finished yet! The customs is 5km AFTER the border! (GPS 21.150190, 101.669980)
Make sure to stop there and get your green temporary import paper!
We missed that and had some arguments getting out of Laos!!